Easy (and Inexpensive) Feng Shui Tips to Help you Sell your Home Fast: 

Use Feng Shui’s ancestral wisdom to get your house looking like a million bucks! (Or better yet, more than a million!). 

Here are some ideas:

Start at the front door – If you always go in through the garage, you may not have noticed that the front door squeaks or that the knob is scratched, dented or dull. Polish it, get rid of the squeaking and even consider repainting the whole door using an interesting and bold color. Then open it wide to let in chi, the Feng Shui representation of home and life. Also, remember that energy flows in through an open door.

Feng Shui your kitchen – Take a look at your kitchen cabinets. Do they reach all the way to the ceiling? Great! If they don’t, you can be sure there is a lot of dust up there. This empty, dusty space detracts from chi, so clean it and add some lighting (if possible). Or simply place some green plants (if you don’t want live ones, get some very realistic looking ones).

Bathroom doors should be kept shut – In general terms, closing your bathroom doors helps the house look more streamlined, but if we apply Feng Shui, where water is related to wealth, we don’t want to feel it can be lost down a toilet. Keep the lids down as well. 

Make sure your bedroom is restful – According to Feng Shui, the bedroom is where we look for restoration, peace and balance. Use soft, sensual fabrics and fluffy pillows. If you have a TV in there, cover it gracefully with a scarf or nice shawl.

Place live plants in the family, living and dining room – Even if you don’t have a green thumb, make sure to have green plants in key areas of the home (not bedrooms). They draw abundance and that is precisely what you want.

Lighting invites energy – Get bright bulbs for hallways (we know you are trying to get energy costs down, but it’s a small, temporary investment). Bedrooms have windows that let in the light.

And talking about windows – Now is a great time to get all windows clean and sparkling. In Feng Shui, windows represent the eyes to the world. Open your home’s eyes up and brighten up your space.

Mirrors are your friends – Use them wisely in places where you want to increase energy flow. Make sure to place them so that they always reflect something beautiful (definitely not the trash can!).

Declutter – Clutter sucks up the energy in any space. Make sure your home is filled with open spaces and let the offers come in!