Do you know that Florida provides a program that pays first-time homebuyers up to $2,000. a year, for up to 30 years?

The state-run Florida Housing Finance Corp., offers first-time homebuyers money back each year, based on how much interest they pay on their mortgage.

Once approved, homeowners can claim up to half of their mortgage interest paid as a tax credit on their federal income tax return, the credit is capped at $2,000 each year.

Remember, any additional mortgage interest not included in the Mortgage Tax Credit, can still be deducted on your federal income tax return.

Although the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgages are on the rise, rates are still well below previous decades.

To qualify in Broward, income must be less than $82,800 a year for one to two people in a household or $96,377 for three or more. Home purchase price must be less than $337,500.

In Palm Beach County, income must be less than $76,156. a year to qualify for one to two people in a household or $87,579. for three or more. Home purchase price must be less than $325,301.

(Qualifying income and purchase price maximum are subject to change.)


You will need to take a class to receive this money.

Here is the link's portal for the eHomeAmerica online homebuyer education course:

The Cost is $125.00 to complete the class.

Classes are to be taken only from the below providers:

1) Face to face from aHUD approved education provider

2) Online education ONLY from:

3) Online education ONLY from (MGIC Homebuyer Education for Freddie Macs Home Possible Program and certain HFA's):




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